Read Stevie's books before they're published?

What the what!?!

You heard right! You can read my books before anyone else!


(If you arrived here from an email I sent you, then you are already signed up! Welcome!)


What do you get for becoming an Advanced Reader?


  • Read the manuscripts fresh from my typewriter before they're even published! (When I say typewriter, I mean my laptop.)

  • Free Books! Boom! (I'm making an explosion with my hands)

  • Access to giveaways that regular subscribers to my emails don't get (I still love the normies, though!)

  • And finally, but certainly not least, a chance to be on my Launch Team! (Launch Team members are my super readers! They love what I do and want to have a say so in the stories I write! These are the creme of the crop. Email me to see if I have any openings!


You may be wondering, what's the catch?


There is no catch! All I ask is that:

1. If you're a beta reader, tell me about scenes that made no sense, settings that weren't developed enough, and any other technical story issue you found.


2. If you're an advanced reader (or a beta reader) I ask that you consider leaving me a review.


Shazam! That's it! Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! 


Are you itching to start reading? Or are you interested in joining the Launch Team? Email me at:


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